8 Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers (FREE). Most Essentials and Most Helpful for Blogger.

We will shared you some of the awesome Google Chrome extensions for your blog to become great, must needed chrome extensions to rank your site on top and very helpful for any blogger.

chrome extensions

On the off chance that you are a blogger and investing loads of energy and time for developing your blog then this post causes you a great deal,

Be that as it may, it is highly unlikely to be effective with no endeavors yet for making your work quicker there are a few devices that encourage you which causes you to speed up.

Google chrome extensions is the most well-known program to date and the best part is they have a chrome expansion & extensions to make your work quicker.

So in this post, I’m going to discuss some best chrome extensions augmentation for bloggers that causes you to improve your profitability and lift up your work.

There is a huge number of chrome extensions augmentation in the market which causes you however in this post, I’m sharing my undisputed top choice 23 chrome expansion, which encourages me to support my efficiency and help me to complete more in less time.

1. Grammarly

On the off chance that you are a blogger like me who submits a lot of slip-ups while composing the substance at that point,

Grammarly is a standout amongst other chrome extensions augmentation which causes you to compose your substance with no error.

Grammarly chrome extensions is editor, accentuation checker, and sentence structure checker chrome extensions & augmentation. It’s work generally excellent on WordPress proofreader, docs, and Microsoft Wordpad as well.

You can likewise utilize Grammarly in more stages like – Quora, Google Docs, Facebook post, Gmail, and a lot more stages.

So on the off chance that you need would prefer not to do punctuation errors and need to make your substance language structure free then I prescribe you to attempt Grammarly to keep away from all slip-ups.

Grammarly additionally has their top-notch rendition which has more component than the free one, I love to prescribe you to go with ace form If you need to stay away from genuine linguistic slip-ups and need Grammarly group to check your substance

Click Here for Grammarly

2. SEOquake Chrome Extension

SEOquake is SEO chrome extensions which encourages you to locate the number of backlinks, the authority of a site, Alexa rank, and a lot more things inside one single tick.

At whatever point I land on any new site I utilized this great module to check the full details of any site.

This chrome extensions augmentation nearly fills in as an SEO instrument and gives practically all the subtleties of any catchphrase and you can likewise analyze your rival URL. This likewise encourages you to give subtleties of any site utilizing the SEMrush instrument.


3. Screely and Awesome Screenshot

The two chrome extensions augmentations have huge amounts of highlights for making an astounding screen capture for your blog.

I utilized a marvelous screen capture for taking an expert screen capture, In this, you can without much of a stretch make a screen capture of any page you visited and furthermore, you can edit the screen capture effectively from this single augmentation.

Here are some console alternate routes of Awesome screen capture chrome augmentation:

Ctrl + Shift + E (to catch whole page)

Ctrl + Shift + Z (to catch noticeable part)

Ctrl + Shift + S (to catch chosen territory)

Professionally as well as effectively make an attractive screen capture by a solitary snap with screely, I suggest you attempt both the augmentation since the two of them are an excessive amount of astonishing.

4. SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb chrome extensions is an analytics tool which gives you all the details about the website like, how much traffic that website is generating per month and also with that they will give you some more insights of any website like:

Traffic source of that particular website
The top-ranking keyword of that website
From where they get more referrals and social traffic.
Also, show the competitor website
I think this tool is one of the free competitor analysis tools which I’m currently used to keep an eye on my competitor’s growth and by keeping an eye on your competitor website you can get an idea to increase your traffic than them by stealing there backlink and keyword.

This is absolutely free Chrome extension and you can also upgrade it to get more features.

5. Keyword Everywhere

If you are pure affiliate marketer and blogger then this extension is very helpful for you,

Keyword Everywhere is a Google Chrome extension that helps you to find the best keyword in your niche,

In this extension, you will see the keyword metrics like – keyword volume, CPC, and how much competition you have on that keyword.

This tool will not only provide google data but they also provide data of:

Google Trends
Keyword Shitter
Moz Open Site Explorer and more
If you are looking for the best free keyword research tool then I recommend you to must try this free extension.

You are thinking this extension is paid? But, NO this extension is almost free and you can easily download it and use it on your chrome browser without any issue.

6. Page Analytics by Google

Do you want to see the Analytic data of one single page of your website?
Then this tool helps you in that, With this extension, you can easily see the exact google analytics report of that page and with that,

They also display page views of that particular page but for displaying that you need to authenticate your Google Analytics account with this extension.

If you want to save your lot of time which you wasted while checking the analytics report of one page then you can use this free extension officially by Google.com.

Must try this amazing extension…

7. SEO Minion

If you are struggling to do on-page SEO on your blog post then extension works for you,

SEO Minion is a free chrome extension which allows doing on-page SEO, check broken links. Check metadata, highlights all internal and external links and also they have one unique feature of SERP Preview which helps you to see your metadata and title in google search engine.

Google search location simulator is the last option in SEO Minion that helps you to find your exact ranking on google and this last option saves a ton of your time which you wasted while finding your article in SERP.

If you are a Blogger or SEO Expert then must try this out.

8. Easy Blog Commenting

If you are that blogger who does regularly blog commenting on another blog for SEO and networking purpose, Then this extension is very helpful for you,

Easy Blog Commenting is a free chrome extension by India’s top blogger Harsh Aggarwal. This extension helps you to do comments faster and save tons of your time.

chrome extensions
chrome extensions

Here how it’s work:

With this, you can easily make several profiles and based on the profiles your name, email, website is automatically filled while you are writing any comment.

If you want to build no follow link with blog commenting so must try this extension to save hell lot of time.

Wrapping Up

I shared 8 best chrome extensions for bloggers which helps you to save the ton of your time.

But still, you want to recommend some more extensions for fellow bloggers so feel free to share in the comment section and also share that this article is helpful for you or not?

And, I also want to recommend you to must try at least 5 chrome extensions from this list and let me know your selection via the comment section.

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