BLOGGING AS CAREER in 2020? Latest info.

You will find over 1.94 billion websites online. You will find more than a billion blogs online. There are around each and every moment four thousand articles which are being published each.  Hi, here and I am going to answer the question, is currently does blogging as career worth it? Before we begin, be sure to subscribe to the newsletter of  


Now, the answer to this question is no. The reply to this query is yes. Don’t just shut this article off and quit in the event that you’ve got a blog, blogging. Blogging isn’t worthwhile, of expecting it to perform amazing things for you, cranking out a slew, and producing text-based content.  

Here is what you will need to do if you wish to thrive from the future and in the world today.  


As you might have read the title, I’ll give you five basic tips to start your career as a blogger. So without any delay, let’s get started. So


the point would be starting your own website now I know there are many websites that offer free space for writing like Tumblr, WordPress, and many more but I would suggest create your own website, host your domain so that it is completely under your control if you want to start monetizing from it and also the URL if you want the URL to be of your choice then you have your own website, and you have more freedom to style it according to your own taste. 


The most important part is understanding and knowing your content. There are many causes, and even I am one of them. When you don’t know what particular category of content you want to write for. In that case, you make different categories in your blog and just write whatever you have in your mind but make sure that when you start writing, you have content ready for next few weeks or next few days so that you post consistent content. Consistency is a very important aspect when you start professional blogging. Always remember consistency is the key to success.

It might be difficult to maintain, but in the initial days, I would suggest that you post consistent content so that your audience knows when your post is going to be out, and they make sure to read it. 


an important aspect is not just simply narrating stories but understanding how your post or how your blog can help your readers, providing tips, tricks, or tutorials guide if you’re a travel blogger or something motivational. 

If you are providing some kind help to the audience, they are more likely to come back to your blog again and read your content if it helps them. If it is just narrating stories it is still fine, but I would say that is more for personal blogging or maintaining a personal journal kind of thing, but the readers should be able to use information that you provide. 


aspect is reading existing blog posts. Now I know that you are sure that you write good content and I’m sure that you do write good content, that’s why you started thinking of being a blogger. 

But reading other’s content would help you understand what kind of content readers look for and how you should style your content in a way that matches your personality. 

You will understand how to divide your content into logical sections so that they’re easy to read and easy to grasp rather than looking all through the blog and these things you will learn as and when you read more content. That will help you get an idea of how you arrange your content. 


and again, one of the most important aspects is reaching out to your target readers our audience. Now for that, you need to share your post or market your post through as many channels as possible because there are many posts that are published, many articles that are written on a single day and to push your post to the highest level apart from the technicalities involved. 

That I discussed in another blog post, you can start with sharing your posts with as many people as possible. So that the rating is improved and you get more audience in return. 

These are the basic steps to get you started your career, but there are many aspects involved once you start blogging like monetizing your blog, analyzing your blog and the audience and improving the SEO of your content. These things will come eventually once you have a basic setup ready and I will discuss these tips in another blog but for now – yeah follow these five steps and you are good to go and all the best. 



Number one does not just focus on content that is text-based. 

Traditionally were just articles, and that is what folks would print. And just say, that is it and here is my blog site. And that is fantastic, but you know what?  

Today content is not everything. All of us utilize something called a phone. People are with it to watch movies, this telephone, listen to podcasts. So once you’re blogging, then done just blog content that is posted.  

Produce content that is video-based ad Produce content that is image-based. Publish that on your site. Print it on other stations And that into blogging is about just putting articles.  

That content must sit. Google penalizes for duplicate content, although you might be thinking about. No, that is a fantasy. Google does not duplicate content. They have said it, and therefore you don’t need to be worried about that.  

Take that which you have reposted it. Right? Where you can, you wish to place it. Heck, I’d even create a account and repost it Medium also. Take your movies, place it. Have you ever noticed wherever you see this movie, visit some social network, look me up, you are going to see the video? Why? Since the same content is posted by you or me.  

YouTube is used by some people today; some people today use Facebook. Folks are dispersed on programs that were all these. I would like to catch them. The thing which you will need to understand is currently blogging on it was, where you articles, you rank, you push that traffic to service or a product prospects, you do.  

Blogging does not work that way. Blogging is extremely costly. And here is what I mean. Let us say you receive these positions. Subsequently, they launch a Google update. Perhaps you have noticed the people do not rank too high, will be, and that has hit the most?   

Anything you hunt for, I bet you they on-page. 

Why Wikipedia is updating the exact post over and over again.  

The neighborhood is, although yes, they are not doing it. The exact same goes for your site. Should you keep it, new up to date with the most recent and best upgrade to your content over and repeatedly.

You are likely to perform. But if you do not, you will realize your positions slide over time. Not your page or the parent web pages rank, but your web pages which are going after these phrases are the rank of the one. 

That if you are not upgrading your content on a normal slide.  

You’ll also discover that blogging does not create as big of an ROI (return of investment) because it did five, four, six months or year back.  

It is because regardless of what they are using and where folks (traffic or audience) are, it is more difficult to convert them, especially on those devices. Then it’s for your domain harder to convert them.  

This is the suggestion, which will wind up making. 

Push, and you got to collect email readers.  

That means it’s possible to use tools such as or Hello Bar or Mailchimp. Use whatever you desire. Make them register if you get these individuals to return to your website.  

That will provide you with a chance for at selling those individuals. It will not do for you if you do not market them over time. If you anticipate people to just see even a Facebook video or a video out of you immediately, it is not likely to occur.  

That is why it’s very important to push visit your website, construct that audience via email, and make them keep continually return, so you can convert them.  

Should these changes are made by you, and you accommodate, blogging is well worth it. You just want to concentrate on composing content, then never update it, compose the things, and also content that everyone else will write on, and if you do not, you are not likely to do this.  

However, while that new outlook alters, that is when you will notice you likely toget an ROI. Creating an ROI and gaining visitors, have a look at those advertising agency if you have a budget.

That’s it for this post, and I hope it helps you in some or the other way. Good luck with your new blog. 

Thank You

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