How to Start Affiliate Marketing in 2020?

19 Affiliate Marketing Programs To Boost Up your Revenue Gradually


affiliate marketing 2020

Hey guys, welcome to Bloggingloud. Want to start affiliate marketing in 2020. Here’s what you need to learn before dive into it.

You will be definitely getting various questions in your mind that Is it profitable to start affiliate marketing at this stage? Will I be successful?

So here let me tell you about it in brief. Starting affiliate marketing is very essentials for every hardworking blogger who are really passionate about their work on blogging. There is no proper time to start affiliate marketing. Just prepare your mind and dive into the topic which you actually want to do and you genuinely love to do. And you must remember one basic before starting to affiliate that whether you will be successful or not but you must keep patience, keep improving, keep trying, and give your 100% in it.

You must put your hard work and yap experimenting on different platforms is common to every blogger and ultimately everyone learns from their mistakes at last. Getting success is not rocket science & there is no shortcut to success. Shortcut sometimes becomes our dream killers.

Let’s not waste your time more and let’s be back on our main topic. Before we learn how to start affiliate marketing, we need to understand the main funda of affiliate marketing; what basically affiliate marketing is? Affiliate marketing means to promote and sell other products for which you get a certain amount of commission which varies on products basically. If we go deeper like you have got a Webhosting server they recommend on their website that if you can sell their hosting to buyers then you get a commission for selling as much as hosting you can.

So basically you became a medium from the seller to the buyer. You get a commission for the number of sales you generate. They will provide you a unique tracking link through which you can manage your sales. This is basically a simple word of understanding about affiliate marketing.

 Affiliate marketing is the process from where an affiliate gets some commission for the marketing of another person or company product. The best thing about affiliate marketing is we can promote many products of different companies at the same time. Whereas, a normal salesperson only focuses on one single product whereas, an affiliate marketer has the opportunity to sell more products of a different company at the same time. As an affiliate, you also have the opportunity to sell the product you like. In addition to this, we don’t have to worry about the shipping of goods, Money back and everything is done by the company which you are working on.

Register Yourself as an Affiliate

affiliate marketing 2020

Nowadays you get a lot of affiliate programs to promote through your blogs. I will be not going in detail regarding How to create a blog because I have already described it in another post. There are numerous affiliate programs in the internet world. Some of them you will be knowing and some you might not know about. So let’s look into the affiliate programs which I used in my blogs and I will say you also must use it in your blogs for extra earning sources. At first, we will talk about the affiliate programs on web hosting servers which I personally use and now I will recommend you to try these

Types of affiliate marketing

Before diving towards affiliate marketing stuff let’s know about the different types of an affiliate program. If you are new or beginner in affiliate marketing then you will notice several types of affiliate marketing schemes. Often, it makes confused beginners. However, today we are going to discuss several types of affiliate marketing which are listed below:

affiliate marketing types 2020
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  • PPC (Pay per Click): PPC is one of the common affiliate marketing techniques in which affiliates are paid for bringing traffic to the product or company website. It’s a type of marketing in which affiliate gets paid for referring visitors to the website. Although, it doesn’t matter if referral buys there a product or not. However, the commissions are also low as compared to others.
  • PPL (Pay per Lead): PPL is such of types of the affiliate program in which Commission is paid for each converted lead. For eg: if you send refers on the company website and if refer signup or join in there a website you will be paid for per leads you to create on their website. Although the commission for such an affiliate program is also low as compared to others.
  • PPS (Pay per sale): Its common types of the affiliate programs in which affiliate are paid for every sale they made through there referrals and from the affiliate link. It is the most popular and widely joined the affiliate program in the world. In fact, the commissions are also high as compared to other affiliate programs.
  • Sitewide Commissions: In this type of affiliate program affiliate are paid as a Sitewide commission. It means if any of your referrals purchase a product from a site that you are promoting you will get paid for it. It is similar to pay per sale program. However, the commissions in the sitewide program are also high.
  • One-time commission: The name of this program is speaking enough to us about its program structure. Yeah, you read right in these types of affiliate program affiliate are paid only once if the referrals complete some sorts of tasks on the website.
  • Recurring commission: It is a type of commission program in which affiliates are paid for a longer period of time. In fact, it is a subscription-based affiliate program. In which affiliate get paid as long as their referral is signed up.

How does affiliate marketing works?

how to affiliate marketing 2020

As I have mention different types of affiliate programs in my early paragraph. So, in this paragraph, we are going dive a bit more in this topic. Affiliate marketing mainly works on the basis of sales and traffic. Whenever you are going to sell some product you will get a unique affiliate link for those products which helps the company to track your records and sales. When someone clicks on that link a cookie gets stored on their device which assigns the affiliate’s ID to the user in order to track the conversion. In this way, affiliate marketing sales and referrals are checked by the company.

List of Web-Hosting affiliate programs :–

1. Greengreeks:-

It is a web hosting server where you can host your website data at a very affordable price. They offer variety of hosting plans for beginners to large companies and it is a life turning point to grab this offer for newbie in blogging field or whoever thinking to start affiliate marketing, you can made a startup plan from here using greengreeks affiliate programs.

In their web hosting affiliates there are already 10,000 affiliates joined and they are promoting their products using their unique affiliate links for which they are getting a certain amount of commission per sale. They are one of the popular eco friendly webhosting platforms which offer wide range of services and affiliate program. By joining there referrals or affiliate program you can make up to $125 per successful sales you made from your affiliate links. Until now, they have paid almost $3.5 million to there affiliate from there affiliate program.

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2. A2 Hosting:-

 A2 hosting is considered as one of the best online webhosting platform offering a wide range of hosting plans and services. From there affiliate program user can earn up to $140 per sale. The amount increases on the basis of conversion following incentive bonus. Besides this, they also offer $10 as a sign in bonus.

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3. Hostgator:-

Hostgator also provide one of the best affiliate program in there web hosting platform. They have tiered commission structure in there affiliate program which means the more we sale the more we earn from there program. Hostgator provide $100 per sale you made through there affiliate program.

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4. Namecheap:-

Namecheap affiliate marketing program that will help you grow your business and generate more revenue.
The best part about this is the fact that it doesn’t cost a dime to sign up for it. You can get started right away by clicking here.
This is a great way to get exposure for your products and earn money. It is free to join and you can earn up to 1000$ a year.
If you are a blogger, you may have heard of it. Namecheap affiliate program is a great way to earn money from your blog.
You will be paid a commission for each sale you make through

In addition, you’ll receive an additional 15% of the sales price when you refer someone else who purchases something on Namecheap.
Referral link helps us generate more revenue at this.


It is one of the popular Webhosting platforms for the users who are wiling to make new website. In addition to this, they also offer awesome affiliate program to the users. There affiliate program pays an average of $65 for each sales you made through from there affiliate program which one of the highest than other web hosts.

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6. Hostinger:-

It is another popular web hosting platform powering more than a millions of website at a time. The upside of there services is that they provide cheap range of services. Besides this, there affiliate program pays a minimum of $60 to $150 based on your performance. The upside of there platform is they provide 90% discount on there WordPress plans.

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7. ShareASale:-

Shareasale is a popular affiliate marketing platform serving for than two decades in the field of sales and advertisement. It is popular place for people wiling to start affiliate marketing. Shareasale pay on the basis of Pay per Lead and Pay per Sale. They pay commission on the monthly basis to there client and the minimum threshold to cash out the commission is $50 which you can easily make in a months

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8. Commission Junction:-

Commission Junction (CJ) is one of the largest and oldest affiliate Network which was found on 2000 A.D in Sant Barbara California. They pay on the basis of CPC and Cost per sale. However, the downside of this platform is there fee. They charges higher fee on using there services.

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9. Click Bank:-

Clickbank is one of the popular website for buying and selling digital product. On this platform you can find various types of digital product including audio books, marketing tools, Courses and money more digital products. If you are an affiliate marketer than you commission for the product is 40%.

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10. Siteground:-

Siteground is another most popular & most powerful web hosting provider. They uses SSD storage for maintaining the best speed redundancy.

Its was Founded in 2004, SiteGround. It offers common shared hosting, cloud hosting and specific servers as well. It was providing its hosting services to more than 2,000,000+ domains around the world.

11. Mythemeshop:-

Mythemeshop is an online market place to buy premium version of WordPress theme. However, they also offer you to download free version of theme which are limited in features as compared to premium one. Besides this, they also have affiliate program from where an affiliate can earn up to 70% commission on per sales you made from you affiliate links.

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Generatepress is platform to get free and premium wordpress theme. It is multi purpose theme used by more than 200K active website. Generate press affiliate program offer there affiliate to earn flat 35% commission on every sales they made through there affiliate links. If you are a blogger or affiliate marketer seeking to promote the website than make sure there affiliate program.

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13. Vcommission:-

Vcommission is india’s leading affiliate program from where you can sale and promote product to Indian audiences. It allows you to promote various range of Indian product online. Vcommission is also one of the first affiliate networks in the India. They offer several types of affiliate marketing including CPA, CPS, EPM, EPC, CTR and OSC. These are the basic terminologies of there affiliate program on which they pay to there affiliate.

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14. LinksMangement:-

 LinksManagement is online platform to mange, short, and customize links. If you are affiliate marketer or running campaigns than you need a good platform to manage your links. Managing affiliate and campaigns link is an arduous task. However, using linksmanagemnt platform will make your work easy and decrease your time. If you are affiliate marketer make sure check there affiliate program. You can receive up to $50 per when you referrals spend $100 in there platform, in addition to this you will also receive 15% recurring commission.

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15. NutriProfits:-

 NutriProfits is a popular online platform to buy beauty and health related product. It is serving for than 10 years in the field of e-commerce. NutriProfits affiliate program was launched in 2013 since than they are giving opportunity to people makes some cash from there program. You can receive up to 40% commission on per sales you made through your affiliate links.

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16. Convert Kit:-

Convert kit is one of the popular email marketing platforms. They do not charge any fee for joining there affiliate program. Convert kit offer 30% recurring commission for every person who sign up to convert kit from your affiliate link. In addition to this, they also offer a training course, separate dashboard for affiliate and many graphics and video assets to create your content.

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17. Thrive Theme:-

Thrive them is popular online platform to buy website theme. It is one of the largest WordPress theme selling platforms. Besides this, they also run an affiliate program to people wiling to make money from affiliate. You can make an average of 50% commission on per sales you made through there platform.

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18. Semrush:-

Semrush is one of the popular SEO tools which provide wide range of services like, Backlink checker, traffic checker, CPC checker and SERP. They also offer affiliate to make money from there affiliate program. There affiliate program pay user on the basis of percentage. In short, they provide 40% commission on per successful sales. However, they provide recurring based affiliate program which means you can make money as long as a referral is signup.

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19. WP Engine:-

WP engine is also one of the popular Webhosting platforms available in the market. They also allow their user to make money from there affiliate program. If you are able to makes at least one sale in a month than you can make up to $250 per sale. The downside of there affiliate program is that there hosting plans are way costly as compared to other host.

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