Is Blogging DEAD? 5 Reasons Your Blog is DYING in 2020!

Blogging in general the way most people have been doing it.

in recent years it is dead that’s just the very harsh reality of things, the way that they’re doing things is actually simply irrelevant and

I promise you this if you can continue to do things the old way your blog is going to die a very painful and slow death you see people have been saying that blogging has been dead for you.

but there’s actually great news for those of you that want to start a blog and actually make money from it blogging is not dead in fact it’s never died it just changed a little bit along the way.

and if you want to stay relevant and have a successful blog you’re gonna have to adapt and change too so that’s why in this episode I’m going to teach you.

exactly what is dying and blogging and how you can stay ahead of the curve. so that you can have success in both the short term and the long term so let’s get started hey what’s up everybody.

Bloggingloud here and today we are talking about blogging now I know some of you out there are actually really super skeptical and maybe even asking yourself do people even still read blogs in 2020.

well if you look at the fact alright there are over 1.5 billion websites on the planet and 500 million of those are blogs and Google has over a hundred billion searches per month and 77 percent of those people searching are reading blogs that’s a ton of people reading blogs.

so no matter what the internet gurus out there are telling you blogging is still super relevant and important in today’s society there are people there are more people.

blogging right now that in the entire history of the internet of people blogging so let’stalk a little bit about what you need to stop doing on your blog because if you don’t your blog is going to suffer massively for it number one is posting a ton of content on your website.

in order in hopes to get more trash one of the oldest practices there is in blogging is that people would post just a whole bunch of just absolute randomness verbal diarrhea or in this case written diarrhea in their blog.

and posting just a ton of content on their website in order to get a lot of traffic in hopes of making more revenue more money with all of their posts but unfortunately.

I have to be the one that tells you that is dying in fact it’s probably a life support right now this used to work really well when you know the internet didn’t have a ton of information and there wasn’t a billion blogs out there trying for your attention

so Google and Pinterest and being and all the big search engines out there are looking for posts that actually stand out from the rest what I like to call long-form content net stand out and completely captivates the the person’s attention

that’s what they’re looking for in the past you can post just about anything you want it on any topic and it was okay there could be a hundred random posts and Google was eating it up but now you kind of want to take all of those hundred you know mediocre posts and narrow it down to a single post.

that has amazing content high quality is much better than quantity in this particular case I personally don’t like to post anything on any social platform whether it’s my blog my podcast.

whatever the case is unless that content is actually good alright or awesome content no mediocrity here so again you need to focus more on quality not quantity.

for your blog posts so if it takes you a little bit longer to publish one that’s okay in fact backlinko actually only has like 40 different posts on it and they are a huge huge website that people go to for SEO content they’re not posting hundreds and hundreds of blog posts all right that are mediocre at best they’re doing maybe one post a month that is absolute insanely good.

and that’s what you want really want to do in your blog post it make really good content.

I actually saw a really kind of famous marketer here recently I’m not gonna mention any names with a blog on his website that was ridiculously bad he would make these you know three to five minute videos and he would put them up on Facebook and on Twitter and on Instagram.

and so for then have those videos transcribed and put onto his blog for what he called Google juice and these were terrible blog posts.

what I am saying is that if you’re going to do that number one make sure that it is readable right there’s a lot of dictation software’s a lot of services out there.

and that’ll transcribe your videos or audios and put them into text that’s cool but you have to check them first don’t just copy and paste what those things spit out and put them up on your ball it’s going to be virtually unreadable and to make sure that the content is actually halfway decent alright.

don’t make it so that it’s you know mediocre at best that’s all I’m saying not just a bunch of randomness and off-track thoughts in order to get Google cheers alright so number two is click eighty type headlines stop just stop no one likes clickbait.

it pisses people off and Google doesn’t like it either Google has figured out you know in the past few years what you’re doing and they will literally penalize you for it so just stop doing it provide some real good headlines that people will click on that actually has something to do with your content alright.

so number three it’s personal blogging all right personal blogging is dying there was a time at one point in the past were people would voluntarily follow other people’s lives getting to know their stories getting to know their families what they ate for dinner.

and all that stuff by following their personal blogs but not many people are following that type of content anymore it’s pretty much dead the reason that it’s dying is because that’s what we call entertainment media.

and entertainment media nowadays is primarily over on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram so it didn’t necessarily die it just got moved over to things like Facebook and Instagram because the content is more easily consumed over on those platforms so instead of blogging about things like what the kids did at the park that day or your 2:30 lunch.

I believe you need to educate people on a topic that you know a lot about and here’s why I think that when people go onto social platforms like Facebook and so forth they are going to be entertained to get away from their daily life to get away from the grind.

but when people go over to Google where most blogs are going to be found they go for information not to be entertained number four is general blogging well in some cases general information might be okay for blogging it’s really not at least not if you’re a 50-person company with millions of dollars to spend on advertising.

you need to be a bit more specific let’s take blogging about camera equipment for example there is that rare occasion a general blog about camera equipment might work but generally speaking it doesn’t instead of being general and generic trying to niche in just a bit if you do have a camera equipment blog trying to niche down just a little bit like maybe a canon equipment blog.

right that that’s niche down just a little bit more or best camera equipment for vloggers that’s even niche down even more or how to take the best macro photography with Sigma lenses or just how to take the absolute best landscape photography with a certain type of equipment all of those work much better than just a camera equipment blog people want specific blogs.

they don’t want anything in general you know if I had a brain tumor right now I wouldn’t want to go and see a general practitioner II will want to go out there and find the absolute best you know oncologist that specifically deals that the exact type of brain tumor I had and people out there looking for information.

that your blog has they’re gonna want that specificity as well and are going to want specific answers to their questions alright number five is only blogging in today’s day and age just sticking with one particular platform will literally break you you kind of need to be everywhere so that people recognize you and recognize your content you need to be in front of their face.

front and center people want a variety of ways in order to connect with you whether it be just hearing you over on podcast or seeing you on article or maybe it’s reading through your blog they want a multitude of ways in order to connect with you it’s about building that relationship.

me personally you know I’ve got my blog I have a YouTube channel I have a podcast I’m over on Facebook and Instagram and even a tik-tok channel Ididn’t start out doing everything but I’m doing a lot more now the more options people have to connect with you.

the better you have to put out content where your customers actually are in the way that they like to consume content me personally I like to read I like to watch videos I like to listen to audios like podcast and so forth,

but if I had to choose one particular way to consume content it would be videos right up on YouTube and so forth I personally that’s the best way that I like to consume content so if you’re a content creator and I’m your ideal customer you’re gonna want to show me videos just as much as your blog posts and even better if you embed videos or podcasts inside your blog posts.

even better all right so let’s recap everything that we’ve been through so far alright number one is posting a ton of diaria content on your website in hopes of getting traffic in hopes of making a better income that’snot what you want to do alright post good quality posts number two is using clickbait type headlines alright don’t do it just stop right now.

learn alittle bit of what we call copy writing in order to get better headlines all right you don’t need clickbait e-type headlines all right if you have good content and people know that and you’re giving just you know a little bit of information in the headline on what they’re going to read you’re going to get traffic.

it doesn’t have to be clickbait number three personal blogging is dying all right so if you’re that type of blogger and you want to do that okay but add some education into it as well number four is general blogging right people want specific things specific actions specific answers to their questions,

and interests right stop doing these general blogs where you’retrying to please absolutely everybody it doesn’t work try and understand who your ideal customer is when you understand that ideal customer only write for the demand be specific all right what questions would they ask answer.

those questions and number five only blogging all right you’ve got to get out there you’ve got to do things besides blogging all right get up on on Facebook get up on Instagram and you know do some other things not just posting your blogs up on those platforms that’s not gonna work but you know maybe take a little snippet out of your blog.

I’m not going to get into exactly how much to post on Instagram or Facebook or anything like that not in this particular episode you really want to be as many places as you can because that’s where your customers are and again they want to consume content the way that they want to consume content all right so that’s all I’ve got for you today guys if you like this POST please go ahead and we will see you next time guys so take care peace

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