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About green geeks

There are different types of web hosting platforms offering many types of affiliate programs among them green geeks is one of the well known hosting companies with over 10,000 affiliates around the world. It was founded in 2006 in California and has data centers around the world. It is well known for its affiliate program which offers $100 per refer or per sales you made through there affiliate program.

  They are based on the US but they have servers around the world like Canada, Europe, the US, and Singapore. So they don’t have to deal with surveillance in their server. It also allows the user to choose a different server during the signup process. Greengeeks performance greengeeks provide the latest technology to load the page very fastly. Website files and databases are stored on SSD hard drives and are configured in a redundant RAID-10 storage array. It is customized in house caching technology that allows us to serve your favorite application fastly and efficiently.

Competitive pricing Greengeeks hosting currently provide $3.95/months shared hosting to the customer which include:1. Free domain name registration or transfer.2. Unlimited domains on one account3. Free web migration4. Free security scan5. Free marketing and SEO tools6. Free SSL “wildcard” certificate (HTTPS)7. Free website builder and templates.8. Secure POP3 email account.

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Greengeeks has been the industry-leading eco-friendly web hosting provider putting backs the three times the power we consume into the grid form of renewable energy so this is a great upsell for anyone seeking eco-friendly web hosting providers. Most of the people don’t even have knowledge about such thing which exist in the hosting platform. Free website migrationGreengeeks provide free migration for the website. Though there are many hosts offer free web migration but it is limited to sites using cPanel.

Greengeeks didn’t use cPanel and it is the only host we found that wouldn’t charge for the migration. Uptime and load timeGreengeeks server is one of the fastest servers that their up-time can’t be beaten. They guarantee 99.9% of up-time. They scheduled downtime upgrade for short when its traffic is at the lowest. support you will see the green geeks hosting platform customers as remarkably good at offering quick, helpful, and knowledgeable support to there customers.

Email support is fast and every effort is made to resolve issues or just provide related help. Greengeeks hosting plans and featuresGreengeeks provide shared hosting, WordPress hosting, dedicated hosting, and cloud hosting. They also provide VPS hosting and dedicated servers. Anyone who is starting there the first website shared hosting plan would be a perfect fit for your needs. However, your site will eventually grow make sure that you can upgrade to.

Let’s check out green geeks hosting plans and there features:

greengeeks host

Shared hosting:

Shared hosting is recommended for the newbie and website with low traffic. It is suitable for the people who want to make their website on low budgets as you if you want to upgrade your hosting they provide a wide range of hosting in their platform.

• WordPress hosting: 

WordPress is the optimized version of there shared hosting platform. It comes with WordPress optimization to improve the performance of your website. WordPress loads so fast on green geeks hosting that several third party benchmarks have named as one of the fastest WordPress hosting platforms.

• Cloud hosting:

Cloud hosting is the hosting recommended for people who have popular blogs, growing websites, and businesses. It allows users to use the resources of multiple servers on cloud architecture.

VPS hosting:

VPS hosting is best for people who have websites that are growing in popularity and experiencing slow load times due to a large number of visitors. The primary advantage of VPS hosting is overall control and flexibility. Users can virtually implement there change in software settings.

• Reseller hosting:

Reseller hosting is popular among the people who have the motive of reselling to there a client or using it for there multiple websites. Greengeeks provide free migration of reseller hosting accounts, up to a maximum of 30 accounts. Greengeeks reseller hosting is a white label design completely anonymous and allows full branding capabilities.

• Dedicated server:

green geeks also provide dedicated hosting for the user who is seeking a  complete server for there website. It is more expensive as compared to other hosting as it gives you a lot of power. The downside is that you have to manage the server yourself. Types of shared hosting available in green geeksShared hosting are one of the best ways to start a new website. As green geeks offer three types of shared hosting which are discussed below:

• Eco site lite:

This plan only allows us to host only one site. It provides 2 CPU cores in it. 1 GB of physical memory unlimited bandwidth and unlimited email account. It also includes free SSL and unlimited databases. It is suitable for the user to have traffic up to 30k a month.

 • Eco site pro:

This plan allows you to host more than one website. It provides 2 core and 1.5 GB of physical memory and unlimited disk space with unlimited bandwidth. It also includes free SSL and unlimited database with 100 emails per hour. It is suitable for the user to have traffic up to 100k in a month.

• Eco site premium:

This plan allows you to store unlimited websites. It consists of 3 CPU cores and 2 GB of physical memory. Including unlimited disk storage with an unlimited database with free SSL. Users can add an unlimited email account. It is suitable for the user having up to 250k traffic a month. Pros and cons of green geeks

• Pros

1. 30 days money-back guarantee.

2. Free site migration.

3. Nightly automatic backups.

4. Unlimited disk space and data transfer.

5. Free SSL certificate.

6. Fast servers

• Cons

1. Setup and domain price are not refundable

2. confusing pricing

Green geeks affiliate program

Green geeks provide the opportunity to earn up to $100 per sale. The more referrals you can send the more you can earn through there program. It pays commission once a month as there is a 30 day holding period for commission. The reason for that it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Greengeeks Webhosting platform is one of the most rewarding web hosting platforms available on the internet today with more than 10,000 affiliates helping to promote green geeks around the world.

Affiliates are not only promoting green geeks also they are sending green messages to the customer. They provide everything users need to become successful affiliates:

• Unique affiliate team

• Wide selection of creative content and banner

• Unique affiliate tracking URL

• Targeted landing pages

• Real-time statistics

• Custom campaign tracking

• Competitive commissions for performers and much more.

Types of earning per refer we send through affiliates links:

1 sale——————– $50/sale

2 sales ——————– $60/sale

3 sales ——————– $70/sale

4 sales ——————– $80/sale

5 sales ——————– $90/sale

6+ sale——————– $100/sale

When do green geeks pay affiliate commissions?

Greengeeks pays commission only once in a month as it has 30 days holding period for the amount we earn in earn in referral because they provide a 30-day money-back guarantee to the user. The pay 15th of every month. Besides that, commissions are paid via check or PayPal. If the user makes more than $1000 they are paid via wire transfer else they will be paid through PayPal.

Are green geeks worth promoting?

As compared to other hosts green geeks Webhosting is known for being eco-friendly as stated on their website. This is a great upsell for anyone seeking an eco-friendly web hosting platform. Greengeeks offers shared hosting, WordPress hosting, reseller hosting, and dedicated hosting. They also have VPS hosting anyone seeking for overall control and flexibility over there hosting. They treat affiliates as care and the company as a whole understands the importance of affiliate marketing for the growth of the company.


I hope that the green geeks Webhosting platform reviews have been helpful for you. There are lots of Webhosting platforms available on the internet today. It is tough to tell which web hosting is good for you. If you are seeking to do affiliate in green geeks you won’t find other platforms better than green geeks. I recommend them to try their affiliate program as I have already mentioned you regarding there affiliates program they pay awesome commission like any other web hosting affiliates. Other platforms like Bluehost have a flat commission and some pay in percent. The tiered commission structure is a great incentive for any affiliate marketer to promote its services.

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