How to Blog: Top 20 Blogging Strategy Tips for Writing Skills in 2020.

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Hello Everyone, Welcome to the family of BLOGGING LOUD. Here you will be learning about 20 Blogging Strategy, different creative skills of the blogging industry. Also, you will learn to know about what affiliate marketing is? I have seen many bloggers struggling these days on their content writing. They write content for their blogs but it doesn’t come up as profitable for them because they miss implementing some of the very crucial steps while writing a blog post.

Today we will be discussing the top 20 creative blogging strategies that improve the writing skills of a blog post. I am damn sure that this post will be very much profitable for the newbie’s who just steps to the blogging world. So you guys must remain stick to the post till the end. I think I should not waste more time in giving introductions. Let’s dive into the main motive of our today’s content.

So let’s begin !

Here are 20 Blogging Strategy Creative Tips on how to blog:

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Discover Your Niche

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I have seen many bloggers working on a niche that they don’t like at all. But they are still working on it because they have seen other people generating huge revenue from this niche. For eg;- Lens Finder, a micro-niche in which you have seen your friend or your competitors are working on it constantly and they are generating revenue. You just saw their revenue, you saw their strategy and started making a blog on a niche that you don’t even like to write nor you show any interest to do research on it. You cannot even write unlimited content. Hence you get demotivated & ultimately you decide to either change your niche or you think of leave blogging.

So you should not make such a blunder mistake. Ask questions to yourself what are you passionate about? Obviously, there will be a niche on which you would definitely love to explore. Either it’s cooking, health, technology, travel, running, etc. You must be passionate about any of these above topics.

Define Your Ideal Readers

It’s high time to think about your ideal readers over the internet. Once you have selected your niche, its time to target your specific readers. For eg: weblog about different strategies about blogging tips, affiliate marketing, etc. So our ideal readers are those people who like to do affiliate marketing using their blog and generate revenue as a source of income.

Be Original

There are many blogs on the internet that are on the same topic you are currently writing or thinking to write. Now there will be a question rise into your mind that How to make my blog different from others? The answer is because of you. Isn’t that sound strange? Obviously yes. You must think about it deeply. See all the 5 fingers are not the same so in that way, your ability of thinking, your perspective of writing won’t be completely similar to others. You should be inspired by others’ way of writing.

It’s all about your perspective, your creativity, the value you add. You are what makes your blog look unique from others.

NOTE:- You cannot just copy other articles and paste them to your site. This is completely useless. You won't be beneficial

Be Interesting

Everyone loves reading blog posts neat and clean and obviously it should be an interesting post. Try to make your post as much as user friendly so that people definitely share your post to social. Also, you must recommend them to comment, share your post with others, socials, etc. This creates a very good impression as a writer because you can realize your capability, strength of your content. If readers share your blog post, this indicates social traffic with respect to google which helps you in increasing your ranking of the site, especially your post on the google search engine.

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Add Value

You must look for a complete watch regarding blogs. Your blogs must add a certain value to the reader’s lives. Your content should help people to solve their problems. In this way, you get most of the genuine quality readers to your site & they keep coming back.

Be Yourself

Some portion of being intriguing is recounting to your story. Each individual is a novel, and your story is a significant one. The significant piece of narrating, nonetheless, is expelling the unnecessary subtleties that make the story uninteresting. An extraordinary narrator expels 99% of what truly occurs—the absorptive subtleties—and leaves the fascinating 1% for the peruse.

Be Honest

Your blog must be authenticated. Everything provided in your blog should be real. That is, do you truly epitomize the stuff you expound on? If not, individuals will see through it.”Be the change you need to find on the planet,” is the well known Gandhi quote. Maybe bloggers should assemble the blog they need to compose for the world.

NOTE:- You can Be Your Blog, or Your Blog Can Be You

Think of it !


Being straightforward is not the same as being straightforward. You needn’t share everything about your life only for being straightforward. Continuously be straightforward, and be straightforward when it increases the value of what you’re composing. (Since all that we compose must serve more noteworthy’s benefit, you won’t ever observe pictures of us utilizing the bathroom—that is basically not important.)


When you’ve figured out how to begin a blog, you’ll discover that blogging takes a ton of time, particularly in case you’re as masochist as we may be. All things considered, when you have your plan set up, don’t change it to an extreme. Rather, invest the energy in your composition.


The explanation our webpage configuration looks great is on the grounds that we have an extraordinary host, Click Here for best Host recommendation. we have an incredible subject, and, generally significant, we had a dream of how we needed our blog to look. When we had the vision, we endeavored to make that vision a reality. (Note: neither of us had any structure understanding before beginning a blog.) It’s difficult to make a lovely blog in the event that you don’t have the foggiest idea of what you need it to resemble.

NOTE:- For Hosting I recommend you to use A2 Hosting or else you can go with Green Geeks. Do use any of these hostings which you like here.

Social Media

Truly, we suggest utilizing Pinterest Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to help associate with your crowd and different bloggers, however, don’t get excessively got up to speed in it. Concentrate on the composing first, web-based social networking from that point.

When To Post

Question: When is the greatest day and time to distribute a blog entry? Answer: It doesn’t generally make a difference. We don’t hold fast to a specific time-of-day plan, however, we do distribute in any event once every week since consistency is significant. You needn’t get impeded in the subtleties, however.

Find Your Voice

After some time, great essayists find their voice, and their composing will in general build up a specific stream, one that is engaging their pursuers. Finding your voice causes your composition to feel progressively alive, all the more genuine, increasingly pressing.

We Instead of You

Utilize the primary individual plural whenever the situation allows. Explanations of we and ours are more remarkable than you and your, particularly when discussing negative practices or inclinations. The primary individual puts on a show of being far less accusatory. Consider it along these lines: we’re composing shared—we are not divine beings.

Ignore Negative Criticism & Stupidity

Certainly, we get plenty of pessimistic remarks and moronic inquiries from oblivious individuals who aren’t generally. It’s better to ignore such comments, negativism those who spread in the comment sections.


Put an image of yourself on your blog. Individuals like to see the essence of the individual who’s composing the blog. If you also work as a duo like we, you can add both of your pictures in a single frame and publish it.

Keep it Simple

This is the place moderation can be applied to beginning any blog, regardless of its classification. No compelling reason to put unnecessary ads or gadgets all over your site. Adhere to the nuts and bolts and expel anything you needn’t bother with—evacuate whatever doesn’t include esteem.


Invest more energy on exploring what you’re expounding on. The explanation we can utilize such a significant number of supportive, pertinent connections in our expositions is on the grounds that we put in the energy to look into our points.

Live Your Life

You’re beginning a blog about your life (or about specific parts of your life, in any event), so you despite everything need to carry on with your life. There are things that we generally put before blogging: work out, well being, connections, encounters, self-awareness, commitment. Basically, carry on with a real existence worth expounding on.


Commenting on others’ blog is a must for a blogger. It creates a linking to your site too. Just while doing commenting on others’ blogs, make sure you add your blog post link or your website link so that other readers who check the comment section might also visit your website. And if they find your website knowledgeable, I am damn sure they will subscribe to your newsletter and ultimately you will get a genuine visitor for your site.

Over To You!

I hope you got enough knowledge regarding improving your writing skills using my 20 Blogging strategies, which will be game-changer for you in the blogging world.

But still, If you have any doubts related to Blogging Strategies, then let me know via the comment section below. Also if you think I have missed some strategies which are a must for bloggers, kindly share it in comment section which might be helpful for other bloggers.

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