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what is blog

Its mainly created from the words web and log.

A blog is just that a blog. Which are the logging of one’s thoughts ideas experiences and more all in one place on the web? You’ve probably seen them around. In addition, what makes them so great while blogs are, easy to use.

And with a few clicks, you can share thoughts opinions news anything. Your blog is a staple of who you are, the ultimate expression of you.

The web theme of your blog. It is how your blog looks. You can pick and customize a topic. With your desired color or background images. Find the look that fits your blog. You can always be sure that your looks and feel fits your personality. And make it easy to find what you want for most blog themes.

What is more, you are crazy about what you want?

The header, the sidebar, the footer, and the body. The header is comprised of your blog’s title or logo if you have one and your main navigation menu. The menu is the way that your guests should be easily able to navigate. The content of your site menus. Are a natural part of our web experience. And should link readers to the various content and pages found on your blog sidebars.

Blogs usually have themes. This area generally includes widgets and things. You want to highlight such as your favorite links. popular content on your blog. Recent activity subscriptions, options, and social media tools. Just to name a few the footer rests at the bottom of your blog.

Usually, this thing we use to see content which doesn’t change regularly. But we want our readers to quickly access the link, learn more about you, or connect to a contact page. Last but not least, your blog’s most important area in the body. Typically the key content field is the primary reason why people have come to your blog.

It’s where our ideas and opinions come to life. As we share them on the post or blog.

Within the posting page. The content lies what the difference pages. Are different from posts, that are normally static displaying standard content. such as a contact page or an about me. On the other hand, the hosts are all good things.

Where you publish your thoughts in a standard blog format. Postings will usually appear on the blog’s main page. In order to put the latest information on top of your list. These are things such as your day-to-day updates on uploading a new story or the news about your particular subject.

what is blog

It appears that at the top of the blog. It is the place where we see it used in newspaper articles. An online version of a journal article, which can distribute to others. Postings will usually appear on the blog’s main page. The others can attach suggestions to your blog or even provide feedback.

This brings a community element to blogs. Making them a popular medium of expression and information sharing blogs. Make it easy to share images of the video and other types of media files. Giving you complete freedom of creative expression.

And now with the popularity of mobile phones. Your blog can be viewed anytime from anywhere in the palm of your hand. Blogs are for everyone and people of all ages. Share on blogs every day for school work and play. No matter what we want to do. Blogging is a great way to connect with other people.

So, what are you waiting for your thoughts? Get in on the fun and start blogging today with us.

How To Get Started With Blog? (shared my personal experience)

what is blog

A few of you people who’ve been searching for, how to get started with a blog. How can we work and everything related to it so I thought I should make a proper blog post about it. To help you out, guys.

Talking about how I started my blog if, you asked me. I grew up thinking, how will I grow one day I was in the case of blog although I’ve been following international bloggers for a long very time I didn’t really think of pursuing it as a career.

 I was already in the middle of my first year I was juggling with all the options, and that’s when I considered blogging as an option that’s when I realized that this is something that I can try. I wasn’t really sure if I’d be good at it or bad at it, how will it turn out how will be the response but all I knew was like there’s nothing bad in trying it and to all those who keep asking if they should start their own blog.

 That’s just one thing that I would want to say my blog for me is where I slow down my marketing related thoughts with people who are similar interests and if you’re looking for a creative outlet then blogging is a free method. What you’re looking for blogging is about Pete about literature, art, passion anything for that matter, it can be about anything and just make sure, what you write is what you have Interested in and that’s fine you can create your content.

what is blog bloggingloud

 The few guys texting me on Instagram, oh you must be earning a lot and that’s the reason you want to start blogging. Please! don’t do it if you will just want to earn, because it does not work like that. that you start blogging and you start earning, or you get close. it’s it does not work like that it’s a really slow process it takes time it’s like any other business or work.

You start working for it and then gradually get results for it considering that I have learned from my experiences.  

There are few tips, that I would want to give to you guys and if you wish to pursue blogging as well, then I’m sure these tips will help you. The first step or one thing, the most important one are pictures make sure you put a lot of reference pictures so that it’s easy for your readers to relate to what you’re writing.

Special in fashion blogging we style our clothes on ourselves and then shoot because that’s the most impactful way. But if you feel that you cannot shoot or give that much time to it and you can also use reference pictures about whatever you write whatsoever trend you wish to write about.

 just make sure you put pictures. So this one really important thing, surely increase the quality of the pictures that you post is really nice.

Not just on your blog but also on your social media pages too, because that’s the place from where people are actually attracted to your work.

Secondly, be consistent with your work and post. It’s easy for people to like you but it’s even easier for them to forget you. So to make sure that either stick around your blog you have to be very regular with your post that thing is the original with your content.

Do not copy-paste somebody else’s work, you can be inspired by somebody’s style is another thing but just doing what they have already done will not get you anywhere.

The next thing is no genre and style and stick around to it because it will be easier for your followers to know what they’re looking for. There are few things that we need to keep in mind before you start your blog it is important for you to invest in your blog invest in a good camera invest on your attractive website and anything that can actually lead to a better experience for your reader to connect with your site.

Followers engaging, conversation with them. Asking the questions about what they wish to see because after all, it’s for them by no means. The best logo is the most successful thing one out there,

 I made & learn from my mistakes then I realized. maybe I’m still making mistakes that I don’t realize It now. I might not be the best person to give you supreme advice but as there were quite a few of you who wanted to know how it works and are interested in styling but don’t really know,  how to move toward blogging. so I hope that it helped you guys.  

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what is blog

Tips For Making Awesome Blogging Post Content?

Now, I’m going to share with you how to write an amazing blog post fast. The very  1st step you need to do is thinking and I know this sounds patience intuitive, as it will take your lots time writing the first few blog posts. You’ll figure out your style, what you like writing about, you’ll figure out what readers like about, what they don’t like.

When you got the knowledge, you can get started templatizing. When you start templatizing, the first thing you need to do is figure out the structure of all your blog posts. You make a simple template:  introduction, body, conclusion, etc.

Now that you have your (customize) template, what you want to do is fill them in every possible time you have a new blog post ready. For example, when I read a blog post, what I do is I first write the introduction. I know, that I always have in my template three to seven headings for my body. I take the main ideas and I turn them into headings.

Then, I write my conclusion because every one of my blog posts has a conclusion. Then, I go back to the body and I fill in each heading with content. It could be a few paragraphs, it could be a few bullet points, it’s whatever I decide I want and that’s what I fill my template with.

The next step is the images. You want to figure out a way to get images fast. There’s a lot of free stock photography sites out there. But I personally like using I pay for images, but I can run a few quick searches, find an image, and add it within my blog post with speed. Without images, your blog post won’t do as well because a picture says a thousand words.

Not everyone just needs to read the text. The further step you need to do is make some rules. Here are some rules that I use for my own blogs, and you can learn them if you want your blog to succeed.I always use the words “you and I” within my blog post. It makes it feel like it’s a conversation between you and I. The next thing that I do is I always use paragraphs that are short or minimal. My paragraphs typically are never longer than six to eight lines. I try to make those around five or six lines. Frequently I even have one line paragraphs too.

The next thing I do is always use six or seven images, if not more, throughout my blog post. I also check out those sites which cite my research. Those are my main rules. You can make it your own. If you follow those tips, you’ll be able to templatize your blog writing process and it shouldn’t take you more than two to three hours to write a blog post.

If you’re spending more than three hours, there’s something wrong. It should be like, “Hello, I don’t know how to came up with thinking & ideas”. “If you are don’t know how you can come up with thinking & ideas,I’ve also posted about this in my  previous posts , you can check & find out the related post you want in our blog .Find & use some keyword research site, type keywords, it’ll show you what’s ‘hot and what’s not.

If the issue is you have writer’s block, then you know what?Go and walk outside, fetch or find something or some activities, then come back again and start writing.It could be that you’re distracted. If you’re distracted, go find a different place to write your blog post. Follow all those tips and you’ll be able to write amazing blog post fast.

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